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Costly Car Insurance Mistakes You Could Be Making

Choosing a car insurance plan can be a tricky process, especially when you have no idea what you are doing. Most people just select the bare minimum in hopes to get the lowest premium. But is this always the best option? The professionals at Trueway Insurance are here to explain what mistakes you should avoid making when picking your car assurance. Lake Worth trust us to provide the most reasonable auto insurance quotes.  


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Trueway Insurance has been providing excellent services to the community since 2012. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with our clients, this can only be achieved by providing reliable services while saving thousands of dollars in your auto, home, and business insurance.


As an independent insurance agency, TrueWay Insurance takes pride in offering superior customer service. Let us assist you in finding the coverage for your car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance needs. We sell insurance anywhere in the state of Florida including Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, and Lucie County.


Costly Car Insurance Mistakes

What if you re paying way too much on car insurance? We want to make sure you are aware of what you have missed out on. Here is a list of advantages including savings and tricks. Be cautious of these mistakes:

  • Choosing a too low deductible
    • When a plan has a high deductible, your monthly premiums are typically lower. However, this does mean you have higher out-of-pocket expenses if you were to get in an accident.


  • Not taking advantage of discounts
    • Good driving record
      • Zero at-fault accidents
      • A clean driving record
    • Good student driver
      • Must meet GPA requirements
    • Taking a defensive driving course
      • 15% average savings for drivers 16-25
      • 5% average savings for senior drivers
    • Bundling with home or rental insurance
      • Up to 15% consumer rates
    • Vehicle safety features
      • Airbags
      • Anti-lock brakes
      • Daytime running lights
      • Review cameras
      • Anti-theft systems
      • Emergency response systems
    • Low mileage is driven per year
      • This can save up to $400!


  • Sticking with the same plan
    • Switching policies following a life event or cleaner driving record can save you money in the long run.


  • Opting for monthly payment plans
    • Paying your 6-month premium in full can lower your rate by 5-10 percent


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Trueway Insurance is an insurance company located in Lake Worth. We offer affordable insurance for home, car, among others. This includes those looking for cheap car insurance. We are here to provide quality for our customers because we believe in the power that insurance can have in any person’s life. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you or you have further questions regarding notaries and how they play a part in the insurance process, contact us. We hope you find the information you need here but if not please give us a call at (561) 318-5540.  Get an auto insurance quotes today!

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Trueway Insurance has been providing excellent services to the community since 2012. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with our clients, this can only be achieved by providing reliable services, while saving thousands of dollars in your Auto, Home and Business insurance.

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