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Cheap Car Insurance Isn’t Always the Best Option

A lot of times when people are looking at auto insurance quotes they tend to gravitate to the ones that are the least expensive, so they save money, but choosing cheap car insurance isn’t always the best idea. This is because a more affordable policy may not include everything you need. Trueway Insurance in Lake Worth has a team of insurance professionals that can help you understand why getting the cheapest insurance shouldn’t be your number one concern.


The Truth About Cheap Car Insurance

When you’re shopping around and evaluating different auto insurance quotes, you may be inclined to go with the lowest rate, but most of the time your local insurance agents sell car insurance for a regional or even a national company, which means their rates are all going to be pretty much the same. This also means that going with the lowest quote that you get electronically without speaking to a representative may not actually be the lowest price you could get. 


What truly makes a difference in pricing comes from an individual agent’s knowledge and experience. Having a real conversation with an actual person can make a world of difference. They are able to get to know your situation a little better and have information about possible discounts that aren’t public knowledge, which means when you’re getting a quote online, these discounts aren’t applied to the price you are shown. In addition, speaking with a person face to face opens up the possibility of having recommendations made to you about the type of coverage you should be getting. Another added bonus of working and speaking with a local agent is that they are a part of your community and they understand your wants and needs. It’s not just about the cheapest insurance; it’s about finding the right rates based on your driving history as well as your budget. Dealing with a company that only offers a toll-free number means your experience isn’t going to be personalized even if they are offering the lowest price. Also, the chance that you will speak to the same person every time you call is extremely unlikely. This means that every time you call to ask a question, you’ll have to provide all of your information over and over again. When you’re picking an insurance agent, it is critical for you to ask yourself a few questions. The first, is who will you count on if you have a question, experience an accident, or need to file a claim? Sure, you can call an 800 number, but speaking with a different person every time you call doesn’t make things easy. Also, when you’re dealing with a stressful situation, it will make a significant difference to speak with someone you know and trust. Will the larger agencies provide the service you want and need? Sure, they may be able to offer the lowest quote, but that doesn’t mean that the coverage they provide is going to be tailored to your individual needs.  


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Trueway is a leading auto insurance provider in the Lake Worth area. We are here to help our customers understand how to find cheap car insurance as well as the measures they can take to ensure their cars are protected. If you’re tired of shopping around for home insurance quotes, call or visit us today for more information.

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