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Who Needs Commercial Insurance For Business Vehicles?

You run a successful company. You also have many employees using company vehicles for business-related tasks. A question you may be wondering is whether or not these vehicles need commercial insurance. The experts at Trueway Insurance are here to give you all the answers you are searching for. We are experts in commercial auto insurance, Palm Springs.


What Insurance Is The Right Insurance?

Commercial auto coverage is recommended if you use your vehicle for a significant amount of business activity. Do not rely on your auto insurance to cover your vehicle or commercial fleet. Our professionals in commercial auto insurance can help you understand your options for commercial auto insurance.


First thing’s first,  what is commercial auto insurance? Commercial auto insurance has the same basic coverage as personal auto insurance, with some added protection for your business. It includes:

  • Property damage pays for damage to another person’s vehicle in an accident caused while you or an employer is driving for business purposes.
  • Bodily Injury covers medical expenses for third parties injured in an accident caused by you or an employee.

There are many other types of commercial auto insurance, and you may be able to get discounts for multiple vehicles. Ask your Main Street Independent Insurance representative about comprehension, collision, underinsured motorists, and other policies.


So Who Needs Commercial Insurance?

Anyone who has a business and uses a truck, van, or car for business purposes should consider commercial auto insurance. If you have a sizable fleet of company vehicles, you need commercial auto liability insurance.


Auto coverage is required for all vehicles in Florida. However, if your business requires CDL operators, you are required to have additional coverage. This might include motor carriers, freight brokers, and forwarders.


Additionally, any vehicle transporting goods or passengers across state lines is mandated by federal law to have liability insurance.


We Are The Best Out There

Trueway Insurance has been providing excellent services to the community since 2012. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with our clients, this can only be achieved by providing reliable services, while saving thousands of dollars in your auto, home, and business insurance.


Meet Jose Lamazares. He has been in the real estate services business in the Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, and Wellington real estate markets for many successful years, and will be here for many more. This longevity and confidence comes from my real estate services to a great many buyers and sellers, and their recommendations to others that result in repeat and referral business that keeps me productive and successful.


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Trueway Insurance is an insurance company located in Palm Springs. We offer affordable insurance for home, car, among others. We have all the information regarding commercial insurance. We are here to provide quality for our customers because we believe in the power that insurance can have in any person’s life. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you or you have further questions regarding notaries and how they play a part in the insurance process, contact us for commercial auto insurance.

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Trueway Insurance has been providing excellent services to the community since 2012. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with our clients, this can only be achieved by providing reliable services, while saving thousands of dollars in your Auto, Home and Business insurance.

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