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Compare Car Insurance: Standard vs. Camper

When it comes to affordable car insurance, do you know the difference between standard and camper? The professionals at Trueway Insurance are here to compare car insurance that way you get an excellent understanding of how each one works. When it comes to commercial auto insurance, we are the professionals you can rely on. We are conveniently located in Palm Springs. 


What’s The Difference?

Although a recreational vehicle, or RV, is similar to a car in many ways, this does not mean the insurance will be the same.  The insurance needs for the two types of vehicles differ. Limiting your RV insurance to a typical auto insurance policy would leave you with dangerous gaps in coverage.


You Need To Compare Car Insurance

Special RV insurance is designed to fill in the gaps left when an RV is covered under a standard car insurance policy. This type of insurance often covers total loss replacement (or agreed value), along with emergency expenses, campsite liability, tow-truck coverage, and full-timer liability.


RV, or camper, insurance typically features higher liability thresholds than standard auto insurance. This is due to: 

  • The additional size and difficulty handling
  • The fact RVs are used as a primary residence
  • The higher cost of owning and operating


Another difference is that, unlike car insurance, most RV insurance policies can be suspended while the RV is in storage, providing cost savings for RV owners.


Some RV insurance policies cover expenses that owners incur while the RV is being repaired. Typically, two conditions must be met for this coverage to go into effect:


  • The losses must have occurred within a specific distance from the RV.
  • The losses must have occurred while repairs were being made to the RV.


For example, covered expenses may include interim housing and meals while repairs are being made, or the cost of travel back to a stable residence.


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We are the best in the business! As an independent insurance agency, TrueWay Insurance takes pride in offering superior customer service. Let us assist you in finding the coverage for your car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance needs. We sell insurance anywhere in the Sunshine state of Florida, including Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, and Lucie County. We are proud to offer competitive prices for all your insurance needs!


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Trueway Insurance is an insurance company located in Palm Springs. We offer the best affordable insurance in Florida. This includes those looking for cheap home insurance. We are here to provide quality for our customers because we believe in the power that insurance can have in any person’s life. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you or you have further questions regarding notaries and how they play a part in the insurance process, contact us. We hope you find the information you need here but if not please give us a call at (561) 318-5540. Take advantage of one of the best insurance companies today! 

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