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Can Comprehensive Car Insurance Help When You Borrow Someone Else’s Car?

Let’s say you are out of a car for the week because yours is in the shop. However, you still need to make it work. What do you do? Luckily, your close friend is gracious enough to lend you their vehicle. You now have a car to borrow the whole week. However, one thing is left to ponder. Are you covered by car insurance? Here at Trueway Insurance, our team is experts on comprehensive car insurance. We specialize in affordable insurance for Palm Springs. 


It Follows The Car

If you are driving your friend’s vehicle, and your friend has valid insurance for that vehicle, then you should be covered. That’s because car insurance typically follows the car – not the driver.


In other words, when you lend your car to a friend, you’re not just lending your vehicle to that friend; you’re also lending your car insurance. Your car insurance policy extends to cover your friend. If your friend gets into an accident while driving your vehicle, then your car insurance would be the primary liability. Your car insurance would cover the costs of the accident.


Will Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Another Car?

There are certain situations where your own car insurance policy will come into effect when driving a friend’s vehicle.


Let’s say you and your friend both have car insurance. You drive your friend’s car and get into an accident. Your friend’s car insurance policy is the primary coverage, which means it covers all expenses first up to the limits of the policy.


If the costs of the accident exceed the limits of your friend’s insurance policy, however, then your own car insurance policy could come into play. In this situation, your friend’s car insurance would be entirely used up first, and then your own car insurance would cover any remaining expenses, up to the limits of your policy.


Who is Covered In Your Car?

Your car insurance should follow the car whenever somebody else is driving your vehicle, assuming the other person has permission to drive your vehicle.


Your car insurance will only extend to non-excluded drivers. If an excluded driver drives your vehicle with your permission, then your car insurance may be voided.


Generally, you have to manually exclude certain drivers from your policy in order for them to no longer be covered by car insurance. You might exclude your spouse after she gets a DUI, for example, because it would raise insurance premiums. If your spouse is excluded from your insurance policy, then your spouse will not be covered when driving your vehicle.


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