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What You Should Know About Home Insurance?

As a home insurance company in Lake Worth, we at Trueway Insurance know there are several things that are important in selecting your home insurance. We offer home insurance quotes that are affordable, but we also commit ourselves to quality of service. In order to make sure that we do this, we value educating our clients so that they can understand how important their policy and their coverage is.


What Does Home Insurance Cover?


Most home insurance policies pay for any damage to your property as well as any of your possessions in the event that something were to happen. This can range from storms to fire to theft to even vandalism. Much like renters insurance, it provides liability coverage is someone were to come to your property and get hurt. It also covers costs if you were to be displaced from your home in the event of a disaster and needed to relocate to a hotel.


Home insurance does not just cover the things that are physically on your property. It also extends outside it. For instance, if you were to have something stolen from your car, there is a good chance that your auto insurance won’t cover it but your home insurance will. As long as the items are traveling with you, they can be covered under your insurance policy.

What Doesn’t Insurance Cover?


There are certain events that are not covered under typical insurance policies. These can include movements of the earth such as earthquakes or sinkholes. It can also include power failure, war, government action, bad repair, and–most commonly–flooding. Windstorms such as tornadoes can be covered, but in certain high-risk areas, tornadoes may not be covered as well as hurricanes.


Water damage is more complicated. Many insurance companies cover damage that occurs as a result from water from above. However, water from below is usually not covered. This means that if your region is particularly prone to flooding or other types of water damage, you may want to consider additional coverage.


Why Should I Shop for Home Insurance Quotes?


Home insurance is an important part of owning a home. When you select your home insurance, you are selecting the company that will be there to help you rebuild when something goes wrong. If the insurance company is not a good one or if the coverage is too expensive, you may find yourself having issues down the line. That means that you should always take the time to shop around for insurance. This way, you will select one that is both affordable for you and is able to cover you properly in the event of disaster.

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Trueway Insurance is an insurance company located in Lake Worth. We know that the market for home insurance can be expansive and we want to make sure that our clients have the tools to select the right insurance policies for them. For affordable home insurance quotes and more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

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