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Call The Best House Insurance Companies When Your Mailbox Is Hit

What do you do if your mailbox is hit? Do you call your insurance company? Is it worth it to file a claim? Here at Trueway Insurance, we have all the information and answers you need. We consider ourselves one of the best house insurance companies in Palm Springs. 


Questions to Consider

  • Is it worth it to file a home insurance claim for my mailbox?
    • Your deductible is the amount ‘you’ve agreed to pay on a home insurance claim before your policy starts paying the rest of the amount. So, if you have a simple aluminum mailbox attached to a metal pole, the cost to replace it probably ‘isn’t going to be more than your deductible. So, even if you filed a claim, ‘you’d end up paying the full amount to replace the mailbox.
    • However, if you have a specialty mailbox, one ‘that’s made out of bricks, or one that is handcrafted and worth a high value, then it may be worth it to file a home insurance claim.
    • Additionally, your mailbox may have been damaged as part of a larger incident (i.e. if a car crashed into your mailbox and then continued careening into your home), then your homeowner’s insurance may pay to replace your mailbox as a part of repairing the overall damages.
  • Does my insurance cover if I hit my mailbox?
    • We all make mistakes. So, ‘it’s not out of the realm of possibility that you were backing out of your driveway and got a little too close to your own mailbox. In that case, what do you do?
    • If your car is damaged after hitting a mailbox, you may be able to repair your vehicle if you have collision coverage. Collision coverage is the part of your auto insurance that can help you repair or replace your car if you collide with something or vice versa. Keep in mind though, that collision coverage is only to help with repairs to a car, not the mailbox itself.
    • You may also want to consider the amount of damage done to your car by hitting the mailbox. Similar to your home insurance deductible, ‘you’ll have to fulfill your car insurance deductible before your insurance company starts paying for damages. So, if you only have a few scuffs and scrapes or a small dent in your car, it may not be worth it to file a claim since the cost to repair the damages may be less than your deductible.
  • ‘What’s the best way to replace my mailbox?
    • So, ‘let’s say that you do decide to file a claim to have your mailbox replaced. ‘What’s the best way to go about it?
    • Well, as with any type of property damage incident, ‘you’ll want to make sure that you have a receipt. Documentation of the cost of the mailbox and installation fees can help make sure that your home insurance company reimburses you for the right amount to replace it.
    • If someone else hits your mailbox, make sure that you get a police report of the incident. This may help the claims process go more smoothly, but it may also help you find the culprit so that they can pay for the damages.
    • Overall, a mailbox may not be high on the list of things you worry about as a homeowner. But it can help to know that you have the right coverage to handle any freak accidents that may happen to the smallest bits of your property.


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