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How Can Specialty Insurance Help You?

You may have heard the term before— “specialty insurance” – and thought it wasn’t for someone like you. After all, it sounds more like an insurance athlete looking to cover loss of income in cases of injury that could end a career or coverage that a billionaire gets for situations of kidnapping or extortion. Do you have a motorcycle? A boat? What about classic cars or RVs? Maybe you have a house for rent. In all of these examples, you need additional auto insurance quotes from specialty insurance. Trueway Insurance of Palm Springs is here for providing the best quotes for your needs.

Why Do I Need Specialty Insurance? 

In the situation that you have a motorbike or large boat, you may require special protection that goes beyond what can be provided by standard insurance policies for vehicle owners as well as homeowners. Reason being, there is additional danger involved in those two types of travel. Another example where you may need extra insurance is if you’re a landlord. If you are a landlord and you decide to expel your tenants, you can be sued. Homeowner’s policies do not cover this – but the Homeowners Protection policy applies.

If you own a boat, your country may not require you to have insurance for it. But homeowners policies often only provide limited protection (if any), and usually do not cover injuries or accidents that occur on the water. The coverage of a water boat protects you from theft, liability and more.

Perhaps the most common specialty coverage is the umbrella, which provides an extra layer of protection outside of your home and car policy. Say you are responsible for an accident with many injuries. Your automatic liability limits may not be enough to cover all those expenses, which means you might be on track for additional costs. The umbrella policy is designed to start at that time, paying an amount above your other policy limits.

Why Choose Specialty Insurance?

Here we can discuss almost all of your “toys” – boats, motorbikes, classic cars, RVs, even golf carts and snowmobiles. We will provide the protection you need if you are an owner or just want additional protection from the umbrella policy.

Our coverage is different. Two examples: For auto insurance quotes, we include replacing lost or damaged safety clothing in collisions at no extra cost, and without deduction. And classic cars and ships are insured for “agreed value” – that means that if there is a total loss, your payment is based on the value we agree when you buy a policy, rather than a complicated depreciation formula.

You can benefit from reducing our single loss. Large losses can impact many policies – for example, storms can damage your home and car. But if you have a homeowner policy that matches your other coverage, you only need to pay one deductible, no matter how many policies are affected.

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If you want to learn more about the specialty insurance coverage available to you, Trueway Insurance can offer you trusted expert advice. We will be happy to help you with information about why you need it and help you choose the right type of auto insurance quotes with a qualified provider of Palm Springs.

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